Domenico Tessera Chiesa

Domenico Tessera Chiesa is Managing Director of Sales s.r.l. – Società Benefit.

After graduating in Economics in his third year at the Copenhagen Business School in 1997, he moved to London.

Over the course of a year, he went through three different work experiences at the FIAT UK Press Office, at one of Avery Dennison’s production sites in Maidenhead and at Sony UK. At the end of 1998 he joined Sales, where he gained a formative experience in the production and printing of self-adhesive labels.

He has always believed in associations: he is part of the board of directors of GIPEA (Italian Group of Producers of Self-adhesive Labels), of which he was vice-president and president.

He is passionate about sustainability and a packaging expert, leading his company to be the first B Corp in the industry in 2018 and benefit company in 2020.

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