Academic Partnership for Impact

Impact Entrepreneurship Option-E

Academic Partnership for Impact

Impact modules co-designed with national and international Universities and Business Schools.


Where Cottino Social Impact Campus
ESCP Business School Turin Campus

Duration 120 hours

Language English

Key benefits

  • ESCP Business School Certificate
  • 16 CFU/ECTS Credits
  • International Faculty
  • Peer-to-peer interaction in class with ESCP students and external participants
  • Interactive methods
  • Real business cases

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Previous editions:

Impact Entrepreneurship Program
January - April 2021
Impact Entrepreneurship Program Option-E
January - April 2022

Impact Entrepreneurship Option-E

Option-E, Master in Management (MiM) Specialisation, ESCP Turin Campus


The course is the first joint Program in Impact Entrepreneurship co-designed by Cottino Social Impact Campus and ESCP Turin. Participants will be involved in a 120 hours-learning journey divided into 4 modules.

1 – THINK: aims at creating the ability to think and act ‘like an entrepreneur’. Participants will explore their personal entrepreneurial selves as well as learn and experience the entrepreneurial process through art thinking and design thinking.

2 – FORMULATE: lays the foundations for effective impact entrepreneurial action. The module focuses on. successful impact frameworks, leadership skills, including storytelling for change, marketing finance.

3 – EXECUTE: focuses on the major challenges in impact entrepreneurship, from social business modelling to family business. Participants will get access to the Cottino Social Impact Campus flagship program Explore.

4 – DISCOVER: consists of an Entrepreneurial Mission that requires its participants to team up and cooperate with actors from a local entrepreneurial ecosystem.

For whom

For graduate students (Bachelor or MSc) of any discipline, for early career profiles (maximum 3 years from MSc degree).

Goals and methods

The aim of the course is to provide the tools, strategies and methods of impact entrepreneurship, making participants able to create their own social impact business and actively participate in it. The methods are manifold: lectures, case studies, testimonials, groupworks, simulations, plus an option for experiential learning, through an on-site visit to local impact entrepreneurs and social businesses.

What will I learn and be able to do?

  • Demonstrate in-depth knowledge and understanding of organizations and the external context in which they operate
  • Be able to consider social, societal, and ethical issues in business situations
  • Making relevant and impactful decisions
  • Be able to gain a critical and independent mindset

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