Impact Academy


Impact Academy

Deadline for enrollment:
9 September 2020

Vertical, thematic focus on leadership and soft skills in the digital era

Where Online

When 14-21-28 September 2020 +
5-12 October 2020

Duration 5 days

Language Italian

Key benefits

  • Peer- to-peer discussion



The course explores the mindset and the most effective tools needed to be a manager (and leader) in an increasingly complex and digital context, with the aim of understanding the potential of the web without falling into its traps and using the soft skills needed effectively.

Thus, the course deepens and develops the Impact Leadership topic, which is characterized by a future-friendly and digitally-aware mindset, and naturally sensitivity to the full impact of the company.

Starting from a 360° perspective of leadership – rephrased with the lens of the current affairs and challenges (not least, the Covid-19) – 5 critical aspects will be addressed – one for each day – to master the context and lead companies, institutions (and also teams) in a complex, dynamic and hyper-technological market and environment:

  • G – knowledge of the art of Guidance and conduct (mindset, skills, organizational models)
  • U – Understand human being (the anthropological challenge)
  • I – Interpret uncertainty and ambiguity, understand the competitive context and its dynamics
  • D – master the Digital intelligence, beyond the simple digital literacy
  • A – Argue and communicate, actualizing the old rhetorical techniques (persuading, negotiating, motivating, solving conflicts, naming things, …).

How it works

  • Online: 5 days in Distance Learning (6 hours/day) (14-21-28 September 2020 + 5-12 October 2020)

For whom

Digital technology is already, and will be more and more, an increasingly powerful tool to develop leadership skills, if conceived as an opportunity instead of a threat. For all managers and entrepreneurs who want to manage organizations working in a hyper-digitalized and continuously changing context; for those who manage complex roles in a digital context; for those aiming at acquiring the necessary skills (not only technical) to drive the Web and not be driven by it.

Aims and methods

The aim of the course is to provide participants with impact leadership skills. The teaching methods are manifold: lectures, case studies, group works.

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