Impact Academy

Thinking as social scientists, acting as designers

Impact Academy

Deadline for enrollment:
30 October 2020

Vertical, thematic focus on tools and methods of behavioral design for cultural change to tackle societal challenges

Where Online

When 5-6-12-13-19-20 November 2020

Language italian-english

Fee 600 + VAT (if due).

Key benefits

  • International Faculty and contents
  • Peer-to-peer discussion
  • Research grounded innovation
  • Innovative teaching methods

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Thinking as social scientists, acting as designers


This cutting-edge program is founded at the intersection of behavioral sciences, design and social innovation. Tools and processes are provided to support the design of impactful and sustainable human-centered solutions to tackle social challenges.

For whom

This Academy is for managers and leaders, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs seeking to acquire new tools for their change-making toolbox. It is also meant for teams that want to develop and facilitate peoplecentered solutions for greater social. Our learning offer is for those who want to use new practices to solve old (and new) problems and who believe in combining empathy and creativity with science and rigor impact. We expect participants to have at least 3-5 years professional experience.

Aims and methods

The aim of the course is to offer a high-quality learning experience that will transform individual practices offering new tools for problem solving and social impact generation. The course provides: a) an interactive learning community including fellow learners and practitioners; b) a strong theoretical basis; c) experiential learning grounded in real-life challenges.

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Thinking as Social Scientists, Acting as Designers

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