V. Tassinari
E. Manzini

Design & Philosophy
Politics of nature

Impact Masterclass/ Live!

27 april 2020


Impact Masterclass/ Live!

When 27 april 2020

Time 10-11.30 CET

Language Italian



Design & Philosophy
Politics of nature


A journey through philosophical concepts to help understand the cultural framework of social innovation projects, values and meanings, with a specific focus on design for social innovation in times of environmental emergency. This journey will be useful not only to increase knowledge and allow a different interpretation of what exists, but to anchor our own action to the most advanced reflection and philosophical practices, and to comprehend the relevance and responsibility of design for social innovation in a fast-evolving world in which designers have to face new global challenges. From the ontology of things to the phenomenology of results.

We will collectively discuss the most recent works of contemporary philosophers like Bruno Latour
and Maria Puig de la Bellacasa, reflecting upon what their philosophical tools they give us to better grasp and interpret our present and anticipate the potential impact of ecological challenges on our contemporary societies, by giving interesting guidelines for our design thinking.


The aim of this Masterclass is offering tools for appreciating philosophical research and philosophical thinking as sources for designing new reference models and new experimentations for social impact.

For whom

For those who work in the field of design for social innovation, product or service design, for early career profiles interested in questioning about the responsibilities and potentialities of design through the new environmental challenges. For whoever wants to reinforce the ability to abstract and imagine.

You will learn to…

  • Identifying the cultural frameworks at the basis of social innovation design – in particular the kind of design which questions critically about its own responsibilities on an eco-systemic level.
  • Decoding properly the current actions and meanings of social innovation.
  • Acting consciously to build a future vision of innovation of its own.

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