Giovanni Nisato

The Self-Drawing Hand:
Narrative and Innovation

Impact Masterclass/ Live!

20 July 2020


Impact Masterclass/ Live!

When 20 July 2020

Time 2pm-4pm CET

Language English



The Self-Drawing Hand:
Narrative and Innovation


Increasingly, our world seems to expect a permanent state of positive innovation and is becoming dependent on it. What are innovations, and how do we create them? Can we plan them? Can we predict innovation successes from past histories? We will explore the role that narrative can play in innovation processes: some stories we create to make innovation happen and to make sense of it after it occurs.


To increase awareness of how narratives enable innovation and vice-versa. Foster a critical sense of innovation narratives to help make sense of different innovation types..

For whom

For leaders in organizations who want to acquire some critical perspective on innovation and its narratives in order to stimulate the process.

You will learn to…

  • How narratives build innovation: from start-ups to industry roadmaps and caveats
  • How innovation builds narratives: experience and success are different things.
  • How to look at some innovation narratives with a more critical eye.

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