Impact Academy

Open innovation & cooperation

Impact Academy

Vertical, thematic focus on open innovation, cooperation, social entreprise, hybrid organizations

Where Turin.
Cottino Social Impact Campus

When awaiting reprogramming

Duration 5 days

Language italian-english

Fee 2,500 € + VAT
(early bird 2,000 € + VAT)
Two scholarships are available.

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Open innovation & cooperation


Social impact is an important driver of organizational innovation. Business organizations of various kinds, differently regulated and extended – from cooperatives to B-corps, from social startups to cohesive businesses – however different, they are based on hybrid mechanisms that recombine, in original fashion, models of services, governance structures and organizational cultures borrowed from institutional frameworks that have thus far remained separate: public re-distribution, market transactions, mutual relations. The course is a journey of exploration of this new generation of businesses, which is is less and less an ‘exception to the rule’ and more and more the basis of a new institutional sector, made by the convergence between a market-oriented non-profit sector on one side and “responsible capitalism” on the other.

For whom

For those who want to explore the current scenarios and key milestones of the lifecycle of hybrid organizations focused on social impact, and thus fully understand the main mechanisms that govern their functioning – for managers in the public and private sectors, social entrepreneurs, foundations and business people, and for those active in welfare and social innovation.

Aims and methods

Starting from the social entreprise as a case study, the aim of the course is to cover the topics of mission, planning and production, governance, markets, funding, networks and evaluation – an A to Z examination of the social business sector. The teaching methods are manifold: lectures, groupworks, national and international case studies.

Contents in a nutshell

  • Planning and managing community led models of social entreprise
  • Governance, funding and network management in decision-making contexts which are multi-stakeholder, highly complex and rapidly changing
  • Evaluation: elements of impact evaluation and implications connected to different methods (and metrics) used

What will I learn and be able to do?

  • Identifying hybrid models of entreprise
  • Decoding the social impact ecosystem starting from models of entreprise
  • Experimenting planning and managementof hybrid entreprises, from the mission to the impact evaluation.

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