Impact Agenda

City-Making for Social Impact

Impact Agenda

Envisioning workshop to develop a common agenda based on participatory city-making, urban design and urban future-making

Where online and on Campus

When Spring 2021

Duration from 3 to 5 days

Language Italian-English


Online: 600 € + VAT (if due).
Blended: 840 € + VAT (if due).
Two sponsorships available.

City-Making for Social Impact


A journey through the experimental methods used in design for social innovation applied to collaborative city-making, urban participatory design and urban future-making (co-creation of future urban scenarios), targeting the regeneration of the city by engaging citizens, local administrators and other stakeholders in re-thinking the city of the future in a more participatory, resilient, ecosystemic and sustainable manner.

How it works

  • Online: 3 days in Distance Learning (6 hours/day)
  • Blended: 3 days in Distance Learning (6 hours/day) + 2 days Face-to-Face at the Cottino Social Impact Campus.

For whom

For those who wish to experience processes of co-creation and co-production of participatory processes of ecosystemic urban regeneration. For those who work in the design for social innovation, or design of products and services – public administrations, third sector, private companies, consultants, planners, early career profiles looking to deepen their knowledge of design for social innovation.

Aims and methods

Objective of this envisioning workshop is to strengthen knowledge about the processes of co-design and co-production of ecosystemic innovation applied to cities. Participants will acquire skills on the methods of design for social innovation, specifically for the participatory regeneration of urban contexts. The teaching methods are manifold: lectures, case studies, group discussions, excercises, real life micro-projects.

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