Impact Academy

Design Philosophy

Impact Academy

Vertical, thematic focus on concepts and practices of design philosophy for social innovation

Where Online

When Spring 2021

Duration 4 days

Language Italian-English

Design Philosophy


A survey of the philosophical concepts to better understand the cultural framework in which to build social innovation projects, the values and meanings generated. Useful not only to understand and interpret the existing context, but also to anchor one’s actions to the most advanced philosophical theory and practice. From the ontology of things to the phenomenology of outcomes.

For whom

For those who work in the planning of social innovation, or product and service innovation – public sector, third sector, business sector, consultants, planners and early career profiles interested in reinforcing their competences in design philosophy for social innovation. For whoever wants to reinforce the ability to abstract and imagine.

Aims and methods

The aim of the course is to offer participants a set of tools to understand and apply philosophical research as a source for planning new reference models and experiment new forms of impact. The teaching methods are manifold: lectures, groupworks, national and international case studies, group exercises.

Why attend to this course

  • To identifying the cultural frameworks at the basis of social innovation design
  • To decoding properly the current actions and meanings of social innvoation
  • To acting to build an own future vision of innovation

Learning Journey With:

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