Impact strategy and positioning


I want to define my positioning, strengthen my leadership skills and strategic design skills.

Where online and on Campus

When Spring 2021

Duration From 4 to 5 days

Type of course This course is part of Impactware
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Language italian-english

Key benefits

  • International Faculty and contents
  • Peer-to-peer discussion
  • Innovative teaching methods
  • Mentoring and tailor-made follow-up on individual and organizational developmental projects

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Impact strategy and positioning


Third learning journey devoted to build and strengthen your own leadership related to impact culture. The impact value chain and design thinking tools will be deepened and associated to a strong focus on the soft skills needed to develop the so-called impact leadership: from neurosciences oriented to social action and strategy, to leadership skills in the digital era.

For whom

For those who want to define their positioning and leadership for impact in order to produce change. For whoever is interested in deepening neurobiological mechanisms at the basis of human behavior aligning them to strategies and actions with a social purpose. For those who work in public and private sectors, for those who have resources to invest or are looking for them, for those who sell products or design services, for managers and private and public decision-makers – companies, public sector, third sector and freelancers.

Aims and methods

The aim of this journey is to give participants a refinement of the necessary tools for building impact actions, accompanied and expanded by specific theoretical references. For those who intend define impact intervention areas both related to their individual actions and to the ones of the organization in which they work. The teaching methods are manifold: lectures, groups discussions, national and international case studies.

Contents in a nutshell

  • Impact strategy & impact value chain
  • Soft skills for impact leaders
  • Social mind
  • Behavioral design

What will I learn and be able to do?

  • Defining a strategic area for possible impact actions
  • Analyzing the spectrum of an action from the collective/organizational level to the individual one
  • Acting in a transformative way on the previously defined intervention area

Learning Journey With:

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