Impact Dive

Impact Transformation:
From Problems to Impact Opportunities

Impact Dive

Deadline for enrollments:
22 September 2021

Focus on social business models

Where online

When Thursday 23 September 2021
H 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Duration 4 hours

Language English


250 € + VAT (if due).

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Impact Transformation:
From Problems to Impact Opportunities


Social entrepreneurship is not exclusively an organizational form, but it is mainly an organizational behaviour. A behaviour that structures itself along three axes: a social mission (that is linked to intentions of change), a commercial activity and a democratic governance. How can one become a social entrepreneur? How is it possible to develop services or products not only for profit, but also oriented towards finding solutions to social problems?
This Impact Dive starts from these fundamental questions: participants will be involved in an experience that will shed light on the mechanisms that make possible the construction of a social business. The main focus will be on the transformation of antagonistic assets – elements that seem to be dysfunctional to the market and to enterprise creation, social problems and issues that are apparently unsolvable – into a social impact opportunity.

For whom

For those who want to explore the mechanisms that define social entrepreneurship and use them to orient her/his own business and organization towards social impact. For managers and entrepreneurs, for early-career profiles and everyone who wants to start a social enterprise.

Goals and methods

The goal of the course is to provide participants with the tools for turning social problems into (social) business opportunities.

To learn about

  • Social enterprise and social entrepreneurship
  • Social business models

Why attend to this course

  • To identify the roots of a social problem and transform it into an impact opportunity
  • To decide what path to undertake in order to transform social issues into business opportunities

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