Academic Partnership for Impact

Innovation Ecosystems for Impact – Intraprendenti

Academic Partnership for Impact

The impact module designed in synergy with the Polytechnic University of Turin


Where Polytechnic University of Turin

Duration 24 hours

Language Italian

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Innovation Ecosystems for Impact – Intraprendenti


Intraprendenti is one of the training courses that the Cottino Social Impact Campus organizes, designs and delivers in partnership with the Polytechnic University of Turin.

The training focuses are oriented towards understanding ecosystems for territorial innovation, with specific reference to socio-economic and environmental impacts and towards practices, methodologies and tools for analysis and impact assessment. Thanks to the transformative educational approach, the course case-based approach aims to lead to the presentation of paradigmatic cases relating to national and international innovation ecosystems.

In addition, students will be accompanied by Cottino Social Impact Campus tutors and experts to investigate impact issues in connection with three key fields of innovation ecosystems:

  1. Businesses, research and training
  2. Public policies and governance
  3. Society and creativity

For whom

Deserving students with the access requirements in the call and enrolled in the second year of the Engineering and Architecture Degree Program of the Polytechnic University of Turin.

Goals and methods

Students are led to reflect on the multiple declinations of impact through the development of project activities and concrete cases, tutoring by the Cottino Social Impact Campus.

The impact dimension is addressed according to an ecosystem approach, paying attention to the interactions between the business world, the world of research and universities and the role of policies
maker and society.

24 hours of lectures and tutoring divided in:

  • 9 hours in which students come into contact with the fundamental concepts of impact and sustainability through lectures and seminars.
  • 15 hours divided between seminars and project work in which students work on practical cases of developing an idea with high social impact.

Course goals are:

  • Increase understanding of socio-economic and territorial impacts for greater sustainability, technological innovation, new business models and public policies in various application areas
  • Know methods and tools for impact assessment in project and organization level
  • Ability to apply models for the analysis of interactions between different subjects in the development of innovation projects
  • Knowledge of emerging business models, with a focus on social and environmental impact

Learning Journey With:

Alberto Robiati

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Giuseppe Dell’Erba

Laura Orestano

Caterina Soldi

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