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Impactware is the original, systemic and multidisciplinary program dedicated to social impact designed by Cottino Social Impact Campus. Just like a software is the set of languages and logical components enabling the functioning of a machine, Impactware is the set of concepts, tools and languages enabling individuals and organizations to design and build a (new) world oriented towards social impact.

  • It is the program that introduces and develops vision and action for social impact.
  • It is the program to generate and strengthen specific skills to manage and transform organizations with a vision oriented towards social impact.
  • It is tailor-made and customizable according to individuals’ and organizations’ needs.


  • HYBRID: theoretical and practical knowledge.
  • INTERNATIONAL: Faculty, testimonials, case studies.
  • INNOVATIVE: research and methods.
  • OPEN AND INCLUSIVE: Impactware classes are learning communities where Faculty and participants generate new knowledge together.

Impactware is made of 4 modules, with clear and well-defined objectives:

EXPLORE: Build your Impact Vision
It offers a multi-disciplinary basic knowledge on social impact. The aim of the module is to enable you to develop an Impact Vision, a theoretical-practical horizon to structure your own path towards social impact actions.

UNDERSTAND: From Impact Vision to Impact Goals
It is devoted to realizing the Impact Vision in a personal and organizational goal through the acquisition of specific tools: from the Theory of Change (ToC) and design thinking to social impact management and evaluation, in order to define your own Impact Goal.

DEFINE: From Impact Goals to Impact Action
It is the advanced module to design your own impact action, making it effective and participated.
It combines both theoretical and structural phases to define your own impact action.

CHALLENGE: From Impact Action to Impact Transformation
This is the space for individual and organizational transformation, where you will be exposed to disruptive impact experiences which will drive you to make your action tangible in the world and in society.

How it works

  • Full Program: 4 modules
  • Single modules: Explore, Understand, Define, Challenge
  • Customizable journey: ad hoc editions for your organization

For whom

Impactware is held twice a year. The Spring edition is dedicated to young professionals, neo-entrepreneurs and start-up funders; the Autumn edition is for entrepreneurs, senior managers in various company functions (CSR, Change Management, Strategy, HR), both from the profit and nonprofit world.

For those who want to play a role in creating a new vision of the world.
For leading organizations from theory to practice through the identification of a social impact path.

To learn about

  • Impact Economy and Impact Ecosystem
  • Design Thinking for Social Impact
  • Impact Leadership & Transformation
  • Impact Management and Evaluation
  • … and much more!

Why attend to this program

  • To recognize individual and organizational impact opportunities
  • To define specific impact goals
  • To design actions and action plans to drive and generate change
  • To transform world and society in a social impact perspective

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