Impact Dive

Design Thinking Tools for Social Impact

Impact Dive

Focus on cutting-edge design thinking tools to make positive social impact

Where online

When Friday 23 April 2021
2pm-6pm CET

Duration 4 hours

Language Italian-English


250 € + VAT (if due).

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Design Thinking Tools for Social Impact


Can we design social impact? The challenge of this Impact Dive is to propose a positive answer to that question. But how? Along this journey participants will dive into a formative experience aimed at providing the main useful tools to generate social impact. Starting from the modalities through which understand the context of one’s own action – also by a double mapping of context/stakeholders and challenges/opportunities – the faculty will guide towards the design for change: from the construction of a co-vision of the world and the future to the participatory design tools. This Impact Dive provides means and strategies from the design disciplines, to formulate, prototype, catalyze and institutionalize social impact and change.

For whom

For those involved in the design for social innovation, or design of products and services – public sector, third sector, private companies, consultants, planners, early career profiles and managers.

Goals and methods

The aim is to provide participants with a set of tools and methods useful to generate social impact, form an individual and organizational level. The teaching methods are manifold: lectures, national and international case studies.

To learn about

  • Design for social innovation
  • Mapping challenges and opportunities
  • Participatory design
  • Design fiction

Why attend to this course

  • To identify the proper design methods to overcome the challenge we are facing.
  • To extend the possibilities to generate social impact through design thinking tools.

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