Impact Academy

Venture philanthropy & impact investing

Impact Academy

Deadline for enrollment:
11 November 2020

Vertical, thematic focus on strategic philanthropy, impact investing, social impact evaluation methods

Where online and on Campus

When 25-26-27 November +
11 December 2020

Time 10.00-17.00 CET

Duration From 3 to 4 days

Language Italian-English


Online: 600 € + VAT (if due).
Blended: 720 € + VAT (if due).
Two sponsorships available.

Venture philanthropy & impact investing


A journey through the global trends and developments in institutional and individual philanthropy, the world of impact investing and methods of social impact evaluation. The programme offers a view of impact that generates knowledge and can be integrated in an organization’s business strategy, focused on meanings and management of impact, with a focus on impact evaluation methods. Philanthropy and impact investing as two powerful instruments for individuals and organizations that aim at social change.

How it works

  • Online: 3 days in Distance Learning (6 hours/day) (from 25 to 27 November 2020)
  • Blended: 3 days in Distance Learning (6 hours/day) (from 25 to 27 November 2020) + 1 day Face-to-Face at the Cottino Social Impact Campus (11 December 2020).
    The face-to-face workshop will be delivered online, if required by the developments of the current health&safety situation.

Course Structure

Day 1: Philanthropy & Impact: a love story of success?

  • Philanthropy evolutions and revolutions
  • Philanthropy infrastructure and ecosystem
  • Impact: concepts and narratives

Day 2: How donors see impact

  • The impact value chain
  • Balancing heart and mind to have an impact
  • What donors do to make a difference

Day 3: Impact investing

  • Impact investing: from niche to mainstream
  • Impact investing practices and application
  • Impact investing challenges and opportunities

Day 4: Approaching Social Impact Evaluation Methods

  • A one-day workshop dedicated to the social impact management and evaluation methods mainly used in philanthropy

For whom

For those who want to delve deeper into the concepts and developments of individual and institutional philanthropy, to explore the world of impact investing and distinguish the different meanings of social impact, the frameworks and methods conducive to and supporting impact evaluation. For those working in traditional or venture philanthropy, for investors and donors – foundations, third sector organizations, social investors, banks, philanthropy advisors, public and private sector managers, consultants.

Aims and methods

The aim of the course is to strengthen the mutual knowedge between venture philanthropy and impact investing, exploring the different meanings of social impact, the frameworks and methods used to manage and evaluate impact. The teaching methods are manifold: lectures, national and international case studies, groupworks, exercises.

To learn about

  • Data, trends and evolution of venture philanthropy at the global level
  • Philanthropic vehicles: evolutions and actors
  • Impact investing: players and tools
  • Social impact: what it is, how to manage and evaluate it
  • Frameworks and methods of Social Impact Evaluation (SIE)

Why attend to this course

  • To identifying different forms and tools of individual and institutional philanthropy
  • To understanding and critically decoding the complex ecosystem of impact investiments
  • To choosing the most useful tool to evaluate my social impact.

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