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Data Arts & Science for Impact

Impact Masterclass/ Live!

3 September 2020


Impact Masterclass/ Live!

When 3 September 2020

Time 4pm-5.30pm CET

Language Italian



Data Arts & Science for Impact


The relevance of data and algorithms is on everyone’s lips. Both are among the major drivers of innovation and they acquired importance in the entrepreneurial field in the recent past. The same has not happened for social impact and frequently both institutions and firms do not pay attention to the manifold uses of data and machine learning in order to improve the world that surrounds us.


The aim of the Masterclass is to discuss:

  • how to change the approach in Data Science education in order to define a different way in which practitioners involved in designing data-centric solution, think about social impact;
  • how to innovate Data Science education by focusing more on “lateral” aspects, like data ethics, law, analytical process comprehension, communication and accountability;
  • how to make possible for non-STEM graduate to access data-centric professions;
  • why “data world” and data science represent a life skill and they should be cultivated in a lifelong learning perspective.

For whom

For everyone who believe that the world of data is a key element to generate positive social impact.

You will learn to….

  • Understand the challenges in data science education;
  • Identify the main driver in the construction of data science skills;
  • Evaluate aspects to be considered for an organic education in data science;

Learning Journey With:

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