Impact Way

Impact Prototypes Labs (IP-Labs)

Impact Way

Transformative programme, tailored for Small and Medium Enterprises to develop social impact prototypes.

When November 2019 - June 2020

Duration 6 months

Language italian-english

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Impact Prototypes Labs (IP-Labs)


The first pilot project aiming at developing social impact prototypes for Small and Medium Entreprises (SMEs). The programme is held in partnership with Politecnico di Torino, Unicredit, Unione Industriale Torino and the Torino Chamber of Commerce. The SMEs selected will take advantage of a group of MSc students of Politecnico di Torino who will be working for 3 months in supporting the entreprise in developing social impact projects.

For whom

For all SMEs who want to share and foster impact strategies throughout their corporate culture.

Aims and methods

Aim of this programme is to to think out of the box, prototyping new business models to tackle specific social challenges: to strengthen the relationship with clients, suppliers and all stakeholders, to develop new products or services conducive to new funding channels, to get to be open to impact investing opportunities, to connect business and social impact, to increase the corporate value by re-thinking responsibility (corporate social impact) and to nurture impact management skills.


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