Impact Academy

Foresight Academy

Impact Academy

Vertical, thematic focus on tools and techniques to strengthen foresight competencies to explore and define future scenarios

Where online and on Campus

When Spring 2021

Language italian

Key benefits

  • International Faculty and content
  • Peer-to-peer discussion
  • Innovative teaching methods

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Foresight Academy


We live in a time of deep and fast changes, both at micro and macro level. this programme aims at helping decision-makers developing long-term thinking and foresight capacity. Through knowledge and comprehension of current megatrends and by explore methods for defining future scenarios, participants will be building up foresight competencies.

For whom

Board members, public institutions and third sector organizations. For those who have strategic roles – marketing, sales, innovation, IT, HR – and for those who plan and deliver products and services with a high impact potential.

Aims and methods

The aim of the course is to expand the toolkit of strategic skills and vision, enabling new competences of transformative leadership to manage complexity and uncertainty. The teaching methods are manifold: lectures, case studies, groupworks, future-making excersises.

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