I want to realize my Impact Vision in a social impact goal, learning tools such as the theory of change, impact evaluation and design thinking.

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Previous editions:

Impact tools
16-17-18-30-31 April 2020
15-16-23-30 April 2021
14-15-23-29 October 2021



It is devoted to realizing the Impact Vision in a personal and organizational goal through the acquisition of specific tools: from the Theory of Change (ToC) and design thinking to social impact management and evaluation, in order to define your own Impact Goal.

How it works

  • 3 sessions

  • Finale collaborative workshop + testimonials

For whom

For those who want to acquire useful tools to create a value chain for social impact and finalize them to achieve a real goal. For those who work in the public or private sector, have resources to invest or look for them, for those who sell products or design services, for public and private managers.

Goals and methods

The aim is to provide participants with an effective and functional toolkit for building and designing actions oriented towards social impact, both from an individual and an organizational perspective. Learning methods are manifold: lectures, group discussions, national and international case studies, cooperative workshops and testimonials.

To learn about

  • The impact ecosystem
  • Theory of Change (ToC)
  • Social Impact Evaluation (SIE)
  • Design thinking
  • Strategic foresight

Why attend to this course

  • To identify my own social impact goal, from an individual and organizational perspective
  • To choose the best suited tools to evaluate a social and business opportunity and elaborate my own impact strategy

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