Academic Partnership for Impact

Talenti per la Comunità

Academic Partnership for Impact

The transformative journey realized in synergy with CRT Foundation to develop and give back value to communities.


Where Cottino Social Impact Campus

Duration 112 hours

Language Italian

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Talenti per la Comunità


It is the new advanced training course for people involved in the civil, social and economic development of local communities with a multidisciplinary and hands-on approach characterized by the simultaneous presence of training and acquisition of technical management tools.

Campus’ skills in social impact context converge in three activity areas:

  • The Applied Tutorship
  • The “Narrating the community” module
  • The spaces of our Campus

Campus brings all its methodological know-how into the four modules of the transformative teaching path to guide participants in the implementation of the cognitive construct towards practical experimentation to achieve effective changes.

The Talents are guided towards the construction of a real social change thanks to an applied tutorship, the methodological approach of design thinking ant practical project management tools.

A further innovative aspect of the course is the training module “Narrating the Community” designed ad hoc by the Cottino Social Impact Campus experts and focuses on experiences, case studies and tools for interpreting the community, reflecting on the main ethical dilemmas and building a narrative able to make cohesive the community.

The training module focuses on three topics:

  • Interpreting the community – Evaluation Methods
  • Ethical dilemmas and community leadership
  • Value-based storytelling

For whom

For people who daily commit themselves in the animation, promotion, civil, social and economic development of local communities.

Goals and methods

The goals of the course are to provide skills to become community workers and to promote the development of local communities.

The course wants also to enhance the action effectiveness of operators in their communities, associating personal commitment with a greater understanding of the phenomena that affect local communities today, including metropolitan ones, and a set of skills to improve the planning, management and enhancement of initiatives in the area.

What will I learn and be able to do?

  • Furthermore, during the training course, participants are guided by Cottino Social Impact Campus tutors in:
  • Lessons on the fundamentals
  • Workshops and construction of projects and proposals
  • Technical management tools
  • In-depth analysis of case histories

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