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Impact Transformation Narrative
10 June 2021

Impact Transformation Narrative


Societies have always been guided by what philosophers have called “grand narratives” – a set of shared interpretations of the world that guide what we belief, what we value and how we act. Homo sapiens is hardwired for storytelling. While today, society seems to be rather characterized by an ongoing fragmentation of our narratives and growing disorientation and confusion, the desire to believe in something remains deeply rooted in human nature. How can we find stories and narratives for the future that tough people’s hearts and reenchant the world? How can organization leverage this need for narrative cohesion in order to promote their purpose? How did societies in previous historic phases use storytelling effectively? This course goes deep into human nature and history to figure out what we can learn for a powerful vision for a better future.

For whom

For change-makers.

Goals and methods

The aim of this day is to unlock the mysteries of powerful storytelling. Because the need to find orientation and the lack of such orientation in the current world blocks change and keeps us from moving more forcefully towards the ecological transition. The teaching methods are manifold: lectures, case studies, group discussions.

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