Impact Academy

DASI. Data Arts and Science for Impact

Impact Academy

A school for filling the labour gap in Data Science and educate a generation of practitioners fully aware and able to rule the change.

Where online

Duration 15 weeks - 200 hours

Language Italian


2.500 € VAT included
2.050 € VAT included
Two sponsorships available.

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Key benefits

  • Guaranteed Job Placement
  • Deep tutoring: tutors available for further information and doubts on each track
  • Experiential path on concrete cases oriented to social impact (mobility, work, health)
  • Partnership with technology suppliers: Rapidminer, Talend, Denodo, Tableau, Expert Systems
  • Possibility to get free certifications on partner technologies
  • Continuous comparison with the business world through workshops with Data Scientists
  • Free and free access to the O’reilly online library for the duration of the course (over 60,000 titles and technical videos)
  • Attention to technology, abstraction and systemic modeling skills
  • Attention to human aspects: stress management techniques to improve professional effectiveness
  • Focus on the value brought by the data from a social and business impact perspective

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DASI. Data Arts and Science for Impact


Within the next ten years, it is expected that technology will have a significant impact in every economic sector and in society through automation and services customization. In the core of this transformation there are data and the construction of data-centered solutions.

Data Arts and Science for Impact (DASI) is a School of learning aimed at filling the gap within the job market in Data Science and educate a generation of complete and aware practitioners able to master the change.

The program is designed together with the major Italian experts and it is thought to be able to give a complete and unique education.

The course is composed by four streams:

  • Fundamentals: to deliver adequate competencies on database principles, software Programming and Machine Learning in R and Python languages.
  • System thinking: to understand the importance of model construction and use data in order to better comprehend the reality, sharing results and building data-centered solutions.
  • Capstone Projects: To apply the Agile method on real business cases in two sprint weeks. Working on more than one case ensures a strong flexibility and inclination to the application.
  • Creativity, Soft Skills and Well-being: To develop an approach oriented towards well-being and work life balance through innovative and modern techniques, in order to educate practitioners able to cope stress and resilient on work.

How it works

Online: 15 weeks in Distance Learning (approx. 12 hours/week)

Lessons every Tuesday and Thursday from 18:00 to 21:00 and on Saturday from 09:00 to 13:00. Friday evening is dedicated to tutorships and meetings with the world of work.

For whom

Graduates of all disciplines with a good logical-mathematical predisposition interested in working in the world of Data Science and in the construction of concrete solutions starting from data, in any context. The course is open both to STEM and non-STEM students through two different paths: the first is oriented to programming and coding, the second students will be able to use a non-coding Data Science platform. There will be a selection for accessing the course.


The demand within the job market for people able to comprehend, manage and develop data-centric solutions in order to solve real problems is constantly growing. Organizations request professional figures for positions that require non only a good academic knowledge, but also the ability to apply to real cases.

Aims and methods

The course aims to give a complete and unique education by ensuring, 16-week full-time blended, the development of structural hard skills, professional oriented towards the construction of data-centered solutions, and the development of necessary hard and soft skills for personal and professional successes in this area. By the end of the course the participant will be able to follow and develop a Data Science project and find work as Data Scientist/Data Analyst/Data Engineer. The course mixes lectures from faculty, e-learning and peer learning self-study with constant tutoring, problem-based learning and challenge-based learning workshops starting from real cases.

To learn about

  • Introduction to statistics
  • Learning to Learn & Self-study Enablement
  • Introduction to R and Python 
  • Core database concepts
  • Relational Database Support for Data Warehouses
  • Data Warehouse Concepts, Design, and Data Integration
  • Business Intelligence Concepts, Tools, and Applications
  • Machine Learning concepts (structured, unstructured)
  • Data Preparation in practice with Talend 
  • Machine Learning in practice with RapidMiner
  • Distributed database systems
  • NOSQL database systems
  • Big Data Tools
  • Data Management in the cloud
  • Data Visualization with Tableau
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Learning Analytics
  • Design Thinking
  • Data Ethics 
  • Neuroscience and Learning
  • Well Being Experiential Workshops

What Will I learn and what will I be able to do

  • Developing and managing a Data Science project, form from beginning to end
  • Entering in the job market as Data Scientist/Data Analyst/Data EngineerData Scientist/Data Analyst/Data Engineer.

Learning Journey With:

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DASI: Data Arts and Science for Impact

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