Alisa Sydow

Alisa Sydow, Ph.D. from Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, is an Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the ESCP Business School, as well as the campus head of Turin of the Jean-Baptiste Say Institute at ESCP Europe. She primarily teaches entrepreneurship, and strategic management with a focus on sustainability and impact. Alisa’s research interests are in entrepreneurship in developing economies (ie. Kenya & Uganda), entrepreneurial decision-making processes and family entrepreneurship. She is author of articles published in top-tier management journals (ie., Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice), case studies and papers presented at international conferences (ie., AOM, EGOS, & EURAM.

Moreover, Alisa is one of the founders of Nampelka – a start-up that focus on natural products such as biodynamic wine and coffee. 

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