Philanthropy & Impact investing

Impact Masterclass/ Live!

29 june 2020


Impact Masterclass/ Live!

When 29 june 2020

Time 10-11.30 CET

Language english

Fee Free

Philanthropy & Impact investing


A quick flight over the evolutions of individual and institutional philanthropy at a global level, impact investing and philanthropy advisory, landing at methods of impact management and evaluation. A moment of conversation on philanthropy and impact investing – two powerful tools for individuals and organizations which aspire at a radical social change.


Objective of this Masterclass is to leave you with the desire to deepen your knowledge on revolutionary philanthropy and impact investiments, or trigger project developments in the field of philanthropy, philanthropy advisory or impact investing.

For whom

Foundations, third sector organizations, social investors, banks, philanthropy advisors, public and private managers, consultants. For whoever believes in a vision of impact generative of knowledge and deeply integrated into organizations’ strategies.

You will learn to…

  • Decode the evoultions and state-of-the-art of philanthropy and impact investing and a global level.
  • Recognize the drivers and potentials of (r)evolutionary philanthropy and the strategies and means for donors who wants to reach an impact objective.

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