Impact Academy

System thinking for social change

Impact Academy

Vertical, thematic focus on concepts and practices of system thinking for social change

Where Cottino Social Impact Campus

When Autumn 2021

Duration 4 days

Language Italian-English

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System thinking for social change


Despite ongoing attempts and considerable resources dedicated to solving societal challenges, many of them continue to strike and exacerbate. Societal challenges are typically complex and interconnected with other issues. System thinking helps to identify the relationships between the problems and their causes, and formulate intervention strategies that will impact the causes of the problems rather than their symptoms.

For whom

For those working with social innovation, or innovation in general, for those who design and provide services, for planners and for those who want to contribute to changing their organizations along transformative lines, building thought leadership with a systemic approach – for public administrations, third sector organizations, for private sector managers heading teams that design and deliver services.

Goals and methods

The course is designed to provide participants with concepts, tools and system thinking methods, a transformative approach that will more effectively channel innovation efforts, for both individuals and organizations. The teaching methods are manifold: lectures, national and international case studies, workshops.

Hard System Perspective:

  • Introduction to System Thinking
  • On system: elements, interconnections, purposes
  • System Mapping: bottlenecks, leverages, feedback loops
  • System Archetypes

Critical Soft System Perspective

  •  Systems and unintended Consequences
  • The architecture of systems and social problems
  • Effective mechanisms of engaging, changing, and transforming systems

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