Lisa Di Carlo

Dr. Lisa Di Carlo is a cultural and applied anthropologist with areas of expertise in linguistics, migration and the Mediterranean region. After receiving her PhD from Brown University, Dr. Di Carlo taught at Babson College (2001-2011) in both History and Society and Entrepreneurship divisions. Her research interests are the migration of people and ideas, most recently at the intersection of innovation and social entrepreneurship.  She creates the Field School for Social Innovation, through which she leads students on experiential learning trips through the social innovation ecosystem of Turkey.  Dr. Di Carlo is the author of the first ethnographic study of Turkish labor migrants in the US: Migrating to America: Transnational Social Networks and Regional Identity among Turkish Migrants  (IB Tauris 2008).  She has written on social innovation, the use of ethnographic methods in entrepreneurship and business curriculum, anthropological approaches to the study of entrepreneurship, and on the importance of understanding context in the process of social venture creation. Dr. Di Carlo’s research focuses on the Mediterranean region in general and Turkey in particular. As Lecturer of Sociology at Brown University, she teaches courses on ethnographic research methods, Mediterranean migration, contemporary Turkey, design anthropology, and ethical entrepreneurship. Dr. Di Carlo is a two-time Fulbright alumna and speaks Turkish, French, German and Italian in varying degrees of fluency. 

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