Today, world-making means to explore, understand, define and challenge the status quo for a more sustainable and inclusive society, fairer opportunities and impact-driven innovation. We need a new culture: social impact culture

People and communities, private businesses and public administrations, individuals, organizations and institutions, together to co-create a world-making vision for positive social impact.


  • by building convergence of thought, practices and policies, and becoming communities of learning
  • by generating and iterating evidence-based solutions for common good
  • by developing unique paths of transformative education & learning with a clear impact-driven vision and meaning to accompany all of us in our professional growth
  • by generating positive social impact for people, organizations and society at large.

Cottino Social Impact Campus is the first campus in Europe exclusively dedicated to the culture of social impact as transformative element of our knowledge and skills, as individuals and organizations.

To us, social impact means:

  • building (intentionally) a positive outcome for society
  • developing specific metrics and tools to measure impactful results
  • generating sustainable systemic change


Transformative Education & Learning:
our offer

Internationalism, excellence and diversity are the transversal elements that fuel our offer of transformative education & learning, providing a cutting-edge professional outlook on social impact.

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